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Happy blogging!

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Wake their butts up. Thats all. Survive

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Still around

Sorry I haven’t been around for quite a while. Too long a story for now. Kind of a cross between pullin’ sour milk out of the fridge to see if it’s better the next day, goin’ Galt and Starvin’ Monkeys. Been doing a lot of reading and sortin’ gear. Life has changed so much that a bunch of gear I acquired has no use to me any more. Will try to post more about what I’ve learned in unexpected bug out and climatizing to places that I thought I would never see again.

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Theater is on fire.

I get so tired, pissed off at the commie libtards sayin’ you can’t yell fire in a theater as they try to take more of our rights away. Meanwhile they march and destroy to announce their 1st amendment rights. How do Patriots counteract this? YOU CAN HOLLER FIRE IN A THEATER IF THE F@#$ING THEATER IS ON FIRE. I’ve been biting my tongue and not going on a rant but maybe thats what is needed.http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/CaliforniaTreeOfLiberty/~3/RLZnp4YhF4E/beginning.html

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Fluffer Administration?

What will history call this pResidency? The Fluffer administration or the Viagra years? Looking like the goob may complete the take over of Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac. Gonna try to reinflate the anal rape called the housing bubble. Bawdy Bawney must be farting in glee that his master plan is being artificially stimulated AGAIN.

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Not Dead

Sorry I dropped off the world guys. A spider and I went round and round. Nasty critter about won. Got to try all kinds of new antibiotics. Also went from pulling tandem to single hitch. Guess I named the blog right. I Survived.

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Is Oblabla the NWOs scacrificial lamb?

The president is going to one of the hotspots of terrorism at a time when bombs are being found everywhere.
 The economy is tanking, basically everything the NWO is trying to accomplish except for American Patriots making a stand. Now that he is a lame duck would the puppet masters use harm to the president as a major distraction to further their agenda? There are way to many things that don’t add up or add up very negatively.
  These are all questions that need to be asked but it doesn’t look like they are.

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